New to self-publishing? Here's everything you need to know about using ghostwriting services to build your digital asset empire.

Self-publishing as Passive Income

Establishing a stream of passive income is not only smart but necessary. But can you really make money self-publishing? E-books are more popular than ever, and self-published romance consistently reigns supreme on Amazon’s list of top performers in fiction. This means that in the right hands, anyone is able to generate passive income through self-publishing. 

Quality Ghostwriting Services Guaranteed

Our main focus is giving the highest quality to everything we do. It’s what will set your romance novel apart from the rest – bringing in great reviews and bumping up rankings. All this ultimately converts to sales and a boost in royalties. That’s why our team is made up of expert romance writers ready to turn your book idea into a bestseller.

Choosing your Niche

Romantic fiction comprises several sub-genres, like contemporary, historical, thriller, comedy, and fantasy. Every sub-genre has its own pool of dedicated readers, some larger than others. That’s why it’s important to give some thought to the kind of story you want to put out there, as it will impact your earnings. Contemporary romance and erotica are currently top earners on Amazon.

Heat Levels in Romantic Fiction

The heat level of your book tells readers what they can expect, and is vital in discerning to whom you’re marketing your book.

Clean – Family friendly romance. No foul language or sex scenes.

Sweet – Light kissing and sex is only hinted at. Mild foul language, if any.

Sensual/Steamy – Foul language to a degree. Sex scenes are included where they serve the story. Some graphic language in sex scenes.

Erotica – Intense sex scenes including kinks and fetishes. Graphic language. Sex is highlighted over story.

Of the heat levels, sensual and erotica are the best earners on Amazon. 

The Paige Turner Process

Expect the highest quality and fastest delivery time on your book order. Our goal is to get your book polished and ready to publish as soon as possible so you can start earning. Here’s how that goes:

  1. Contact us via email (info@paigeturnerromance.com) with your idea for a romance novel. 
  2. A project manager dedicated to your book project will make contact and begin initial discussions.
  3. Your project will be assigned to a writer and you will also be informed of the expected delivery date.
  4. You are free to liaise with your project manager or writer at any time during the process of writing your novel.
  5. Progress updates will be given every few days, and you will be able to give feedback to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it to be.
  6. Once your book has been finalized, you will be given access to all files.
  7. Simply download, publish, and start earning! 

*Basic copyediting, Kindle formatting, and unlimited revisions is included in all book orders.

The Editing Bottom Line

To ensure you’re publishing your book at highest quality, it’s recommended that you include a deep edit with your order. During this process there’ll be another set of eyes combing through your manuscript to make sure that every single element is at its best. This kind of deep edit doesn’t only guarantee your book is free from grammatical and spelling errors – it looks at things like rhythm, story structure, flow, show vs tell, and so much more.

Romance Novel Delivery Times

Our delivery times are driven by word count. Please note that if you’ve ordered an outline, you can add 2 days to the given timeline.

5K (7 days)
35K (26 days)
80K (57 days)
10K (11 days)
40K (30 days)
90K (63 days)
20K (17 days)
50K (37 days)
100K (70 days)
25K (20 days)
60K (45 days)
120K (85 days)
30K (23 days)
70K (50 days)
150K (100 days)


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