How to Hire a Ghostwriter

How to hire a ghostwriter

James Patterson is famous for his nail-biting thrillers, and has released eleven (ELEVEN) titles in 2020 so far. We say ‘so far’, because Patterson is well-known for his breakneck book release pace, and with a little over a month left, we believe he’ll squeeze in a few more before the year’s out. Something else he’s known for is his team of ghostwriters that help him maintain that pace. Does this knowledge make us doubt Patterson’s ability to pen a page-turner? No. But it does give us some insight into how make a profitable turn in publishing. There really is truth to the old adage that there’s a story in all of us. And now, thanks to ghostwriters, we have a way to share that story (and several more) with the world. So let’s get into it.

A Match Made in Heaven

Your perfect ghostwriter is entirely dependent on what you want written. If you have ideas for characters, a plot, and a world in which that plot must unfold, then all you’ll need is for a writer to flesh out the details. Here it’s possible to work with someone who has little experience and still get a great product.

However, many romantic fiction novels are beautifully written with less. Some authors have nothing more than a genre and trope in mind, and expect the writer to create the story from the ground up. In this case your book is better served by the kind of ghostwriter with extensive experience, who is comfortable writing more from less.

Both these scenarios are acceptable and happen all the time in the world of ghostwriting. Your choice of ghostwriter comes down to knowing what it is you need.

3 Tips to Finding the Right Ghostwriter

Do your research

You want your story in good hands to guarantee that it’s served well. So where do you find credible ghostwriting services?

  • A quick online search will help you narrow down a list of top picks
  • Writers affiliated with a company (like Paige Turner, wink wink) are generally more trusted than independent ghostwriters
  • The company offering ghostwriting services should have good credentials, which will lend credibility to the writer
  • Look at the writer’s experience in writing for your particular niche/genre

Inspect the contract

A contract between you and the ghostwriting agency should include the basics: the original book proposal, payment details, and that you’ll retain all rights to the book. Here are some insider tips you should pay attention to:

  • The word count payable and the final delivery agreement
  • What you get on deadline – make sure any add-ons you’ve ordered, like cover design, is included
  • A termination clause that allows you to end the contract if project deliverables are not met

Have a prelim meeting

Most reputable companies allow clients to meet with a writer before the project kicks off. This gives both parties the chance to get on the same page, and to see if a writing partnership is possible going forward. This is where you can:

  • Express your expectations for the project
  • Confirm your needs with the ghostwriter in terms of updates, feedback, etc.
  • Share your preference for tone, story details, character development, and all the little things that will make up your book

The bottom line to hire a ghostwriter for your next project is transparency and accountability. A company that comes to the table with these is generally one that can be trusted. It can be assumed that they hold their writers to high standards because they are directly impacting their client relations and overall brand. This is the kind of value system you should be looking out for. And if you have any questions, ask them. Communicating openly and often will give you the opportunity to iron out any issues as they arise, and guarantee a painless process. 

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