Struggling to develop intimacy in your romantic fiction? Feeling self-conscious when the lights go out for your characters? 

After this course you’ll have the tools to:

  • Have fun while crafting intimacy
  • Build tension like a pro
  • Hit the mark on characterization
  • Present solid narrative
  • Illicit powerful emotions with readers that keep them hooked
  • Use intimacy to add value to your story’s plot and character development
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Check your inhibitions at the door as we delve into the sensual intricacies of writing intimacy in romantic fiction. These principles can be applied at every steam level–so whether you’re writing sweet YA or adult romance, this course will add value to your words. 

Over four weeks you’ll come to understand the varying textures of narrative, the nuances of characterization, and the building blocks of tension in different settings. We’ll examine why some intimate scenes work and others don’t, and then how to write intimacy without the much-dreaded cringe factor.

Start date: 3 October 2022


A course workbook and access to our Masterclass Resource Hub

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Masterclass Facebook group: weekly live Q&A sessions every Friday in October & exclusive access to peer feedback and community

Weekly detailed review and feedback on your work from course instructor

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