Ghostwriting For Self-Publishers

  • Ghostwriting: It’s more common than you think.

    Creating a book, or content in general, is a lot of work that some people just don’t have the time or skills for. In that situation, who’ you gonna...
  • How to Hire a Ghostwriter

    There really is truth to the old adage that there’s a story in all of us. And now, thanks to ghostwriters, we have a way to share that story (and several more) with the world.  A contract between you and the ghostwriting agency should include the basics: the original book proposal, payment details...
  • Is Ghostwriting Legal?

    There seems to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding using ghostwriters for official works because people just aren’t sure whether it’s legal or not. The short answer is yes, ghostwriting is completely legal. We’ll go on to add that it’s far more common than you'd think, and doesn’t only apply to books.